Carolina Soaring Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you give intro rides?
  Yes, CSA offers introductory flights to anyone who is interested in becoming a glider pilot!
What can I expect from an intro rides?
Rides are about half an hour of flight time in the front seat of our high performance trainer. You can choose to do 1 aero-tow or 2 winch launches. 
Are there any age or size restrictions?
The minimum age to fly a glider solo is 14, and student pilots as young as 16 are eligible for the FAA Private Pilot Glider license. We can accommodate pilots and guests weighing a minimum of 105 lb, however the maximum is set by the manufacturer of the glider at 235lb.
What does it take to become a glider pilot?
Hard work and determination! Students start with the basics of aerodynamics, and will be guided through the curriculum by a certified flight instructor. Most take one lesson per week (one lesson typically consists of multiple flights) and can solo in about 30 flights, at the discretion of the instructor. The next step is to practice and study, polishing your skills for the FAA tests. There is a knowledge exam, followed by a practical flight and oral test with an FAA examiner. The whole process from zero to license can be completed in 6 months depending on the individual.
What should I bring when I come out for an intro ride?
Prepare to spend the afternoon out in the sun. A hat and sunscreen are recommended. Cameras are allowed in the cockpit, so feel free to take as many pictures as you like!
How do I become a member?
Just get in touch with us using the contact form on the About Us page. You can fill out the membership form which is available for download on the home page and bring it with you on your first visit. One of our monthly membership meetings is also a good place to start. There you can meet some of our members and instructors. If you are unsure if soaring is for you, schedule an intro flight!